He spread His wings and caught me, He carried me on His pinions!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

In His Tender Loving Care...

Caring for precious treasure, my darling grand-son, made me recall the many times I would leave my children with a babysitter. ...it was nice to take a little mini-vacation, on occasion, to revive and refresh my soul, even though I would find myself a little fearful of leaving them with a sitter.

Love my boys! Johnny on the left and Jimmy on the right!

On one occasion, I recall watching, from the livingroom bay windows, my boys playing on their Big-wheels, Jimmy came running in startled by his brother’s misfortune [Johnny had flipped his Big wheels over the curb and was crying hysterically], following not far behind his big brother was Johnny, my heart was eager to embrace both my boys.

“Who will take care of us when you’re gone, Mom?” asked my oldest son, Jimmy – as Johnny looked up at me with his big beautiful blue eyes… I was about to say the name of the neighbor girl that was so often willing and eager to watch my boys but then I paused. “God will take care of both of you!” Both boys looked at each-other, beamed from ear-to-ear and then headed back out to their Big wheels, parked just outside, on the porch.

One small event, in the life of a mother but thinking back and pondering…tender words from a young mother, trying to figure out how to raise her family!

So today, as I got the opportunity to “baby-sit” my grand-son, memories came flooding in, helping me recall my own faith as a young mom; whenever I would take time away, I always remember: We are in His tender loving care always – for His eye is on the sparrow. He has only our good in mind.

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