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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tears - Healing?

Weeping is perhaps the most human and universal of all relief measures. - Dr. Karl Menninger

Did you know that crying really does make us feel better? Crying has helpful physiological as well as psychological effects on our bodies!

At the University of Minnesota, researchers have found that emotional tears contain two important chemicals, leucine-enkephalin and prolactin, and that the first of these is thought to be related to one of the body's natural pain-relieving substances. Tears are, they tell us, an exocrine substance - like sweat, or exhaled air - and one of the functions of these processes is to help cleanse our bodies of substances that accumulate under stress.

The work of healing actually begins as we cry!

"You number my wanderings;
and place my tears into Your bottle[precious vase];
my tears are recorded onto Your ledger,
each ache written in Your book...
this I know, 'God is for me'!"
Psalm 56

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