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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Do You Have a Special Memorial Item?

Sounds strange to say but I have found my blessings to come out of the loss of my precious son, Johnny.

The most difficult times of the year, for me, is during Christmas and yet this time of year is very special to me.  Today, in my Bible lesson, I was learning about memorials and why the Israelites created these memorials in memory of pivotal events.

I set a place for Johnny whenever there is a special event I feel he should be attending. It's probly more for me than for him, but it is a good reminder that I have 4 children, not 3 children and that one of them has beat me to heaven.

Back to the blessing...
reaching out to others who have experienced loss brings me joy and them too. Somehow we are able to comfort one another, unlike those who have not experienced the loss of a child.

As I reach out during these special times, I never underestimate how God will bless all who I get to be a part in their lives. So many other families have lost a loved one during this special season. So for the past 2 years [since Johnny ran to heaven] I get the honor to counsel and pray for mother's and others who have experienced loss.

When God gives me this special opportunity to bless another woman's life, he blesses mine as well and we both find a sweet continued healing and they appreciate that someone took the time to care enough to remember their loss during the Christmas season.

It's like that old adage says:

People don't care how much you know. They just need to know how much you care. 

Write me a note ANYTIME.
I would love to pray with you too:)

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