He spread His wings and caught me, He carried me on His pinions!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hang On Sister!

"My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me."
Psalm 63:8
"Hang On," is written by Sharon Jaynes.

Have you ever felt that this thing called life is just too hard? I know I have. Sometimes life just does not turn out like I thought it would. That's when I have to hang onto God and simply trust Him.

I remember when my son was four-years-old and I was trying to teach him how to snow ski. The first day was just horrible...at least it was for me. I felt like a down-covered workhorse as I lugged two sets of skis in one arm while dragging along Steven with the other. Clunky ski boots, overstuffed mittens, and a hooded snowsuit made it difficult for Steven to maneuver. Add all that to the slippery snow, and we had the perfect formula for a day of whining in winter wonderland.

I tried to teach Steven how to snow plow to keep from going too fast. That's when you point the tips of the skis toward the center and the backs of the skis point out. Well, he just wasn't catching on. He fell and he fell and he fell.

Finally, I came up with another idea. I made an A-frame tent with my legs, Steven stood in front of me, and wrapped his arms around my thighs. Off we went. We moved as one. If I turned left, he went with me. If I turned right, he went with me. His only responsibility was to hang on and relinquish control. And even though he thought he was skiing, in reality, I was the one skiing and he was simply along for the ride.

That is a great picture of what trusting God is all about. That's a picture of what "abiding in Jesus" is all about. We cling to him, hang on to Him, abide in Him. If He goes left, I go left. If He goes right, I go right. David wrote in Psalm 63:8, "My soul clings to You." In other words, David was saying, "I'm hanging on for dear life" Just like Steven did.

Today, as you move through life, cling to Jesus. Hang on to Him. Acknowledge His presence with you and His Spirit in you. Trust Him!

Written by Sharon Jaynes

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank-you for my children.
They give me wonderful reminders of how to trust and cling to You.
Help me to Abide in Your life-giving Word!
In Jesus name. Amen.

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