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Friday, January 6, 2012

Absence of CONFLICT? NOT

Conflict provides an avenue for spiritual growth. By definition, according to the book "Sacred Marriage", to resolve a conflict we MUST become more engaged, not less. Just when we "give a person a piece of our mind," we discover we may need to listen to their position.

RATS - EVEN DOUBLE RATS! Just when we want to make ourselves understood and air out our own grievances, something awakens us to the other person's hurt [pain, sorrow].... Remember, "Hurt People, Hurt People."

Just when we want to point out another's faults, fallacies or abusive behavior(s), we are called to RUTHLESSLY evaluate our own offensive ATTUTUDE and/or behavior(s)!

Learning to successfully negotiate conflict will have a direct influence on our relationship with God! Why? Because there WILL one day come a time when you will have a bone to pick with Him too!

All of this said, the conflict you may currently be going through reminds me of the story of Jacob. Remember when Jacob wrestled with God, ALL NIGHT LONG? During this wrestling [conflict] Jacob's character was transformed. His name was actually changed to Israel. Do you know what Israel means? "He struggles with God!"

See Genesis 32:26
Jacob wanted a blessing and God eventually gave Jacob his desire.

There will come a day when YOU, my sweet child, will wrestle with God.
The best example, I can give you, is when I struggled with God - wondering: "O LORD, HOW COULD YOU TAKE MY PRECIOUS CHILD, JOHNNY, AWAY FROM ME?"

Like Jacob, "wrestling" with God may VERY WELL result in an unforeseen blessing, until that time, trust your mom, God has a plan EVEN in the midst of our struggles and conflicts; even the family he places us in is no accident.

I love you,

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