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Friday, September 21, 2012

Sweet Communion - Even in the Desert!

One of my favorite devotionals was given to me by a dear friend, Cindy Allen, when my son Johnny ran to heaven. It's a classic devotional by Lettie B. Cowman called, "Streams in the Desert." At that time, I was in such deep pain, I needed something, ANYTHING to keep my mind and heart focused on the Lord during my quiet times. Some of the writings, in this devotional, are a bit antiquated, having been written in the 1920's but then I LOVE Charles Spurgeon's writings so I picked it up and began to read!

When Johnny ran to heaven, I thought the darkest night of my soul would never end. This past summer, I have encountered an intense "dark night of the soul." Lettie's writings have continued to be a kind of bread and water to my thirsty, hungering soul. I thank God that when we need to navigate through treacherous waters, comfort comes through family, friends and Spirit filled writings.

Lettie B. Cowman, was a lifelong missionary. She compiled her writings during her husband Charles' long illness and even after his arrival into heaven. The writings in her Spirit filled devotional is marked and hi-lighted not only with ink but with my own personal tears, during the most difficult times in my life.

I cannot thank my friend, Cindy Allen, enough for having given me such a cherished book. During the "dark night of my soul," Lettie B. Cowman's Spirit filled devotional has continued to shape my life.

In Lettie's devotional, many people share their personal tragedies and how God gently and at other times quite pointedly, gave them hope in hopeless situations.

God speaks through His divine Word but He also uses special people like Lettie B. Cowman.
I found a sweet assurance in that "dark valley of the soul," I AM NOT ALONE. God is with me. During those dry desert experiences (the dark night of the soul), I have found God to be closer than the air I breathe.

If you are grieving a loss, seek refuge in God's loving Word, your sweet family and friends; and remember to pick up Lettie's devotional, "Streams in the Desert!"

Hugs, Angie L. Taylor

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