He spread His wings and caught me, He carried me on His pinions!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Bright Evening Star!

Your skin of blue, When I had you.
Quiet is the room and then you cry.
Our eyes meet - those sweet sparkling eyes of blue.
A bouncing baby boy over 9 pounds - were you.
O how you love your big brother, Jimmy ooooo!
You smile and say gooo-gooo and Jimmy runs to you.
By 8 months you are crawling EVERYWHERE!
Two sisters follow after you.
From the very beginning I see you as our bright evening star!
An introvert you are.
Each book you own is placed in its proper place;
Nothing out of order, for you.
You are so gifted & talented in so many ways: math, science, history, art.
From the very beginning you love being an architect.
Always building and designing – first with Lego Blocks later with skateboard designs.
Remember the Mission you built for history - all the details?
O how Your smile lights up a room.
Your infectious laughter is like sweet perfume!
Your athletic talent captures the world of skateboarders.
You love, LoVe, LOVE your skateboard!
And now, now here you lay in a hospital bed, too young to die, I say.
Who is this Grandfather of mental illness come to take you away?
This is the dark night of the soul, not for just you.
I hold your hand…sing, weep and pray.

God seems to be telling me you are going home today.
How can this be?
You, My Johnny, are the brightest of bright stars…
Taken away.

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