He spread His wings and caught me, He carried me on His pinions!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thank you son - for the continued blessings...

I sense God taking me down a path I've not ventured; partly because of my son, Johnny and partly as God purposes in my heart to write. My life has been affected by many tragedies and losses - in particular, by the loss of my son, Johnny. It's been only 2 years and yet, I realize sorrow and grief take time.

Thornton Wilder says, "What is essential does not die but claifies."

I have a heart of gratitude, today, for the many friends and family members who are supporting me as I write short stories to lift those of us who are going through or have gone through personal loss.

The greatest tribute to my son, Johnny, is not my sorrow but my gratitude for his continued blessings to me as his mother - he has given me so many friends - I never imagined.

My prayer today, is that, together, we will take one another's hand on our earthly journey of grief and move resolutely to the destination God has plotted out for each of us - Eternity!

In His Love, Angie Taylor
July 2011

....slowly the tapestry shows it's resiliant pattern and I begin to see the bigger picture...the treasured memories of his infectious smile, his laughter, his joy of skateboarding, and so many other memories that can NEVER be taken away.

-Edward Hirsch says,

...I put down these memorandums of my affections
In honor of tenderness,
In honor of all of those who have been conscripted into the brotherhood of loss...

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