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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Extremely Loud - Incredibly Close

Ventured out to see a movie yesterday, "Extremely Loud Incredibly Close." Not knowing it would grip like it has. As a mother seeing through the eyes of a young boy, his "dilemma with life,"  tore my heart in another direction - more grief.

Right down to the "Shark Pajamas."

In many ways, this boys search reminded me of my Johnny trying to make sense of his life too. I've collected his drawings and writings. I've watched him sketch out his ideas and fantasies, researching, organizing and traveling from place to place, with pin point accuracy on a map, his quest - to understand the unknowable...

All the while, trying desperately to make sense of this life.
I was completely intrigued, looking through the eyes of a young boy who - thought his answers could be found through a  "key" hanging on the end of a lanyard. 

In actuality, it was the journey not the final destination.
This boy, like Johnny, touched so many lives in the process of his quest to understand.

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