He spread His wings and caught me, He carried me on His pinions!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fellowship of Love

Thinking about Johnny as our family celebrates his niece, Rylee's 8th Birthday today.

Feeling a sense of closeness to our Heavenly Father, as I reflect on days gone by...
when my children were little, they could sit alongside me;
totally engrossed in their play, while I  would be consumed with my household chores.
All of us were busy and few words were spoken; just a fellowship of love.
The children knowing I was there beside them,
and me knowing they were content playing beneath my feet.

My communion today, with Jesus, is also a quiet fellowship of love.

Life continues - the ebb and flow of the ordinary routine.
I am ever mindful of God's touch of love;
His sweet presence in all that I do,
and it is well with my soul.

How sweet it is to fall into His sweet embrace -
His abiding love as my heart feels both joy and loss in these quiet moments;
trusting Him for my every breath;
until one day, I meet him eye to eye!

Somewhere over the rainbow - where skies are forever blue!
And the dreams that I dared to dream really did come true!
And I will awake and all earthly troubles will be melted away!

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