He spread His wings and caught me, He carried me on His pinions!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Picture books of memories...

In Memory of Johnny.
With all my Love,
O LORD, carry me away from this dark, depressing room.
O LORD, carry me in Your arms.
O LORD, chase away my darkness, with all that You are.
O LORD, I find my strength in the beating of Your heart.
O LORD, ...this picture book of memories and how it used to be.
O LORD, I can't find the answers...
O LORD, all the years gone by - no one to repair the breach.
if I can't heal this broken wound in my sweet sons heart; the one given to me by You...
O LORD, carry me as my heart is broken and in deep pain.
O LORD, still - I can't seem to find the answers.
O LORD, I keep looking up into the stars,
where Johnny loved to dance on the cement,
still trying to find the answers...
O LORD, change my darkness into Spring and
 in my weakness let me lean into You  - again.
Some spend a lifetime, trying to figure out their dreams.
O LORD, Mine motherhood
All my dreams - again - dashed - another loss...
If I can't hold onto this precious gift of a son, 
O LORD help me to leave these, my tears in Your precious jar and
find hope in your arms of love.
O LORD, now I watch as they toss Johnny's ashes to the sea...
O LORD, my sweet Johnny, his last journey -
like the flowers tossed only to float atop the sea,
...as mommy watches her son drift away to sea.

Rest my son,
In the Arm's of God's Mercy.

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